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Do you often want to show someone a small gratitude for things they have done online?

SPICE is an appreciation token that integrates and ranks social network content.

Share it Hard. Gift it to people who brighten your day. The Spice Must Flow.

Official Token ID: 4de69e374a8ed21.. [Click for details]

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SPICE is a Social Tipping Platform. The first of its kind. SpiceFeed captures all tipped content and aggregates it into an overview of the hottest content happening across multiple social networks. Tip and comment on content posted by others on SpiceFeed.

The most fun tipping bot in the universe. SpiceBot is a powerful and advanced bot that facilitates advanced tipping allowing people to earn SPICE by sharing content. Non-serious and crypto agnostic. Discover the joys of gifting others SPICE by adding the SpiceBot. It recognises many unexpected expressions!

Built on the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), SPICE is a real cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, a decentralised cryptocurrency with lightning fast transactions. Your SPICE is your SPICE alone. Transparent, secure and immutable.

  SpiceFeed Demo


Simple Ledger Protocol

Indie Project - Grassroots, SPICE has no ICO or presale and is driven completely by utility only.

Advanced Tipping

Addictive Tipping - Earn SPICE by sharing content from SpiceFeed.

Real-Time Feed

SpiceFeed - A real-time feed displaying all the content being tipped, ranked by popularity.


Multi-Platform - The SpiceBot is universal across multiple social network platforms.

Built on BCH

Privacy Options - SpiceBot has privacy settings allowing you to control what gets published to SpiceFeed.


Competitive Fun - Compete with others for the spiciest tipping comment and climb the leaderboards.


More features coming soon. Or not.

Supported Wallets

Stripe Segment New Relic New Relic

Overview of SPICE Distribution (Coming Soon)

See SPICE Token in Action Now.

Telegram Bot SpiceFeed

Spice is currently in beta. Some features are under construction.